8006 aluminum foil for airline meal boxes

Aluminum Alloy Type

8006 Aluminum foil

Material state that can be produced








Typical product

Container foil, lunch box material, food foil, wrinkle-free lunch box, airplane lunch box material, etc

Design Standard
Based on API 6D and customer requirements
Temperature Range
-150 to 428°F (-101 to 220°C)
NPS 1-36 (DN 25-900)
Pressure Rating
ASME 150 - ASME 2500
End Connections
RF, RTJ as per B16.5 &B16.47 BW, Butt Welded as per B16.25
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Introduction of 8006 aluminum foil for aircraft lunch box material

Lunch boxes can be seen everywhere in our daily life, the materials for making lunch boxes are also diverse, and the aluminum foil materials for aviation and aircraft lunch boxes are processed and produced, and the common alloy materials are 8011 aluminum foil, 5052 aluminum foil, 8006 aluminum foil products. 8006 aluminum foil adopts hot rolling method, no wrinkles on the edge after stamping, and the appearance is smooth and smooth, which is more used in airplane lunch box materials.

Airplane lunch box material with 8006 aluminum foil product advantages

8006 Aluminum foil lunch box strictly implements industry standards to ensure cleanliness and hygiene, and has excellent moisture-proof performance, shading and high barrier ability. The surface of the raw materials of the lunch box is clean, uniform in color, no spots, no oil, and no pinholes. Use 8006 aluminum foil to make airplane lunch box. Meet the standards of relevant food containers, green and recyclable.

Airplane lunch box material with 8006 aluminum foil price

In the case of the same product specifications, the price of 8006 aluminum foil lunch box is higher than 8001 aluminum foil lunch box, and there are relatively few manufacturers of 8006 aluminum foil in the market, and the competition is small. Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. produces 8006 aluminum foil raw materials for aircraft lunch boxes. Nooooo. Composite, printing and other processing, is rolled aluminum foil material, molding edge without wrinkles, to undertake a large number of orders.