3003 aluminum tread plate

Design Standard
Based on API 6D and customer requirements
Temperature Range
-150 to 428°F (-101 to 220°C)
NPS 1-36 (DN 25-900)
Pressure Rating
ASME 150 - ASME 2500
End Connections
RF, RTJ as per B16.5 &B16.47 BW, Butt Welded as per B16.25
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3003 aluminum tread plate 

3003 aluminum tread plate 

Aluminum plate has a series of excellent characteristics, and the increasing demand for aluminum plate in all walks of life has also contributed to the emergence of aluminum tread plate, a new type of aluminum plate product. With the introduction of aluminum tread plate, the application of aluminum plate is more extensive, and it also caters to people's requirements for the aesthetics of aluminum plate. 3003 aluminum tread plate  is one of them.

3003 aluminum tread plate  alloy

In addition to 3003 aluminum tread plate, 1060 aluminum tread plate and 5052 aluminum tread plate are commonly used. The reason why it is so popular is not only related to its decorativeness, but also to its good anti-slip effect. For the aluminum plate, the pattern is like the pattern on the sole, with firm grip and good anti-slip effect.

Advantages of 3003 aluminum tread plate 

The first point: a wide variety

There are many categories of 3003 aluminum tread plate, and there are even many other types under each category. For example, the 5 bar of a 5 bar aluminum tread plate is divided into sizes, which are usually called the large 5 bar and the small 5 bar.

The second point: a wide range of uses

Aluminum tread plate often appears in our lives, kitchens, refrigerators and so on. The emergence of aluminum tread plate has brought great convenience to our cleaning work, we only need to wipe it with ordinary rags. It has also been applied to construction, decoration, etc.,

The third point: a wide range of functions

First of all, it is very non-slip, no matter which aluminum tread plate has this characteristic; second, it has a certain anti-oxidation function, if it is used in refrigerators, refrigerators, etc., even if it is in long-term contact with liquid, it is not easy to oxidize .

3003 aluminum tread plate  and 5052

Aluminum tread plates of different alloys have certain differences in performance and use. 3003 aluminum tread plate , due to the presence of manganese, the product has anti-rust function. It is often seen in the carriages of trains and cars. 5052 aluminum tread plate has better strength, high hardness and better corrosion resistance than 3003. It is often used in marine environments, ships and other marine appliances. The manufacturing process of aluminum tread plate is strict and the cost is high. The price of 3003 aluminum tread plate is lower than that of 5052 aluminum tread plate.

Patterns of 3003 aluminum tread plate 

Compared with aluminum plate, embossed aluminum plate is more beautiful and non-slip. It can be said that the aluminum plate has a pattern added on the basis of the aluminum plate, and various patterns are formed on the surface of the aluminum plate. Diamond pattern, orange peel pattern, spherical pattern, one bar, 2 bar, 3 bar, 5 bar, etc. The types of patterns we can produce include diamond patterns, orange peel patterns, one bar, 2 bar, 3 bar, and 5 bar.

3003 aluminum tread plate  Mingtai Aluminum

Mingtai Aluminum is a large-scale aluminum plate manufacturer in China and supports customized 3003 aluminum tread plate. The company relies on the advantages of raw materials, and under the premise of the same quality, the price is very advantageous, which is especially suitable for long-term cooperation. Please contact us for price inquiries.