3003 aluminum sheet Malaysia

Design Standard
Based on API 6D and customer requirements
Temperature Range
-150 to 428°F (-101 to 220°C)
NPS 1-36 (DN 25-900)
Pressure Rating
ASME 150 - ASME 2500
End Connections
RF, RTJ as per B16.5 &B16.47 BW, Butt Welded as per B16.25
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3003 aluminum sheet Malaysia

Low price 3003 aluminum sheet Malaysia

Henan Mingtai Aluminum, as a professional 5052 ultra-wide aluminum plate manufacturer, not only provides high-performance products, but also provides customers with ex-factory prices to ensure that there is no intermediate profit for the products in the hands of customers. Since the price of the product is related to its specifications, condition, thickness and other factors, and the price of the product will fluctuate slightly in different periods, the specific quotation will have errors, so it will be more accurate to click on the online consultation to obtain the preferential quotation.

3003 aluminum sheet Malaysia VS 3004

Both 3003 and 3004 aluminum sheets are commonly used alloy aluminum sheets in the 3000 series. Although they belong to the 3000 alloy series, they are different.

Strength: 3004 aluminum sheet is greater than 3003 aluminum sheet. If your project has requirements for strength and you feel that 3003 alloy is not suitable, you might as well try 3004 aluminum sheet.

The characteristics of formability, weldability, and corrosion resistance are similar in their grades.

The scope of application is different.

3003 aluminum sheet Malaysia is used for transportation equipment (vehicle materials, automobile welding parts), drilling equipment, TV towers, refrigeration devices, ships, pressure vessels requiring fire protection, ships, etc.

3004 aluminum sheet can be used in the chemical industry (chemical product production and storage devices), construction industry (building baffles, building materials, cable pipes, sewers), lighting (various lamp parts, electric lamp holders) or a good color coating material .

3003 aluminum sheet Malaysia for honeycomb aluminum sheet

Another mature application of 3003 aluminum sheet Malaysia is as a honeycomb aluminum material. In the 1950s, aluminum honeycomb panels were not popular because of the relatively high cost. Most of them are used in the aerospace field. Radomes, all movable rudder surfaces, ailerons, floors, compartment partitions, ceilings, luggage compartments, etc. are commonly used in this type of sandwich structure in aircraft. With the advancement of science and technology, the maturity of the technology, combined with the characteristics of single building products and large quantities, the cost of aluminum honeycomb panels has been greatly reduced, and they have begun to be applied in the field of construction. 3003 aluminum sheet is mainly used for architectural decoration curtain wall panels, suitable for interior/exterior decoration curtain walls.

Where to buy 3003 aluminum sheet Malaysia

Mingtai Aluminum Manufacturer, produces 3003 aluminum sheet, we are professional. More than 23 years of production experience has been accumulated to ensure the quality, performance and technical level of the products, and to ensure that the advantages of applications can be exerted in the process of production and use. Mingtai Aluminum is a direct-selling manufacturer. The prices of 3003 aluminum sheets given are all ex-factory prices, which are more favorable and more reasonable. And the intimate after-sales service business saves you a sum of operating costs, time, effort and cost. It is a good manufacturer worthy of cooperation. Whether you want to know more product-related information, or want to inquire, you can contact us.