5052 aluminum sheet Mexico

Design Standard
Based on API 6D and customer requirements
Temperature Range
-150 to 428°F (-101 to 220°C)
NPS 1-36 (DN 25-900)
Pressure Rating
ASME 150 - ASME 2500
End Connections
RF, RTJ as per B16.5 &B16.47 BW, Butt Welded as per B16.25
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5052 aluminum sheet Mexico

5052 aluminum sheet Mexico, part of the 5xxx series aluminum. The magnesium content is about 4%, which is a typical aluminum-magnesium alloy. Usually used in fuel, marine, automotive and mechanical applications. Compared with 1100 or 3003, the advantages of 5052 aluminum are shown in terms of characteristics, specifically in the following points: formability, corrosion resistance, work-ability and strength. We can provide 5052 h32 aluminum sheet/plate according to full size and customized cutting length.

5052 aluminum sheet has low plasticity when it is hard tempered, and high plasticity when tempered by annealing, and has a high work hardening rate. After the hot-rolled sheet, the alloy's recrystallization temperature is about 288°C when the cold working rate is 50%. Mg in the alloy is a strengthening element, has a certain solid solution strengthening effect, and increases the work hardening rate of the alloy, and the alloy can obtain more obvious strain strengthening.

5052 aluminum sheet Mexico and plate

5052 aluminum sheet Mexico is not a heat-treatable alloy. However, it can be significantly hardened by cold working (such as cold rolling). Aluminum alloy 5052-h32, commonly used temper, and H34. All aluminum alloy sheet products have stable performance. These characteristics are achieved through advanced stabilization heat treatment process.

5052 aluminum sheet Mexico applications

5052 aluminum sheet Mexico has many excellent properties, and these excellent properties make 5052 aluminum perform well in related industries. For example, machinery, automobiles, ships, etc., as well as ships, electronics, chemical applications, and decorative panel materials. 5052 aluminum has a wide range of uses, some of which are listed here include:

Pressure vessel

Marine equipment

Electronic enclosure

Electronic chassis

Hydraulic hose

Medical equipment

Hardware Sign

Food processing equipment


High-strength sheet metal parts

Truck trailer

And more

5052 aluminum sheet Mexico VS 6061 aluminum

Both 6061 aluminum and 5052 aluminum are commonly used aluminum sheet grades on the market. The main alloying elements added to 6061 aluminum are magnesium (1.0%) and silicon (0.6%). 6061 aluminum, a heat-treatable alloy; 5052 aluminum, a non-heat-treatable alloy. 6061 aluminum is stronger than 5052 aluminum, has higher stress and crack resistance, and good formability and weld-ability.

The stronger 6061 aluminum can be used in structural and engineering applications. However, if you need aluminum material that is easier to form, you can choose 5052 aluminum.

5052 aluminum sheet Mexico vs 3003 aluminum

3003 aluminum is alloyed with 1.2% manganese. Although it is more ductile and formable than 5052 aluminum, it is not as strong as aluminum 5052 (tensile strength 17 to 30 KSI and 31 to 41 KSI).

3003 aluminum contains copper, so it has high corrosion resistance. The machinability and weld-ability of 3003 itself are excellent. Sheet metal processing, aluminum for signs, and refrigerator lining can all be 3003 aluminum. 5052 does have many advantages over 3003, but if your project budget is limited and some strength and corrosion resistance are required, aluminum 3003 may be a better choice.