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Aluminium 3003 coil Russia

Aluminium 3003 coil Russia is a product form of 3003 alloy aluminum. 3003 aluminum is a typical Al-Mn alloy. Mn is a key alloying element in 3003 aluminum alloy. The content of Mn alloy ranges from 1.0% to 1.6%. As the Mn content increases, the strength of the alloy will also increase.

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Aluminium 3003 coil Russia 3003h14

3003 refers to aluminum-manganese alloy, and H14 represents the processing and rolling process. After a simple work hardening treatment, a temper is obtained. The strength and hardness of this temper have reached the specified index. 1In "14", it means simple work hardening treatment. This kind of strength is not obtained by heat treatment, and the required strength can be obtained only by work hardening. 4 means the value between 0 state and 8 state. By the way, explain that work hardening refers to cold deformation. As the degree increases, some indicators increase, such as the strength and hardness of metal materials; but there are also some valuesthat will decrease, such as plasticity and toughness. Also known as cold work hardening.

Aluminium 3003 coil Russia

Aluminium 3003 coil Russia for the curtain wall

As one of various curtain wall materials, aluminum 3003 coil Russia can get 3003 aluminum sheet after opening. It is a good curtain wall material and has many advantages.

The first is the lightweight material, which reduces the load on the building and provides a good selection condition for high-rise buildings;

Secondly, it is waterproof, anti-fouling, and anti-corrosion, ensuring a long-lasting and brand-new appearance of the exterior surface of the building; providing portability for production, transportation, installation, etc., so that it can be better put into applications;

Finally, it can be color-coated on the aluminum sheet aluminum coil material, which has a variety of colors, and can also be diversified in combination to shape it into different appearance shapes. This not only expands the design space of the architect, but also is easy to maintain, has a long service life, and meets the requirements of the owner.

Aluminium coil Russia

Aluminium 3003 coil Russia price per ton

How to calculate the price of aluminium 3003 coil Russia? As an aluminum coil, it is different from the price calculation method of aluminum sheet and aluminum tread plate. The demand information you need to confirm includes thickness, width, temper, and dosage.

Is aluminium 3003 coil Russia expensive? This is related to some factors, but mainly two main factors. First of all, it is still the price of aluminum ingots. This uncontrollable factor is really unpredictable, but another factor that you can control is the processing fee. If you choose the aluminum coil manufacturer correctly, you can get a suitable product quotation. If you are looking for a suitable aluminum coil manufacturer, you may wish to use us as one of your choices.

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