1050 aluminum sheet Austria

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1050 aluminum sheet Austria and 1100 aluminum sheet

What is the difference between 1100 aluminum sheet and 1050 aluminum sheet? Can they be substituted for each other?

1. Both 1100 and 1050 are pure aluminum sheets, with different aluminum content. Aluminum sheets with high aluminum content are relatively soft, so 1100 aluminum sheets are a little harder than 1050 aluminum sheets.

1050: Aluminum Al 99.50;

1100: Aluminum Al 99.00.

2. The tensile strength of 1100 is higher than that of 1050. The tensile strength of 1100 aluminum sheet is 110~136, and the tensile strength of 1050 aluminum sheet is 60-100.

3. There are many specifications of 1100 aluminum sheet stock coils, which cover a wide range of widths, and can be used for ultra-long boards, such as 3 meters, 4 meters, 6 meters, 8 meters and so on.

4. 1100 aluminum sheets are mainly used for curtain wall aluminum veneers, radiators, printed boards, heat exchanger components, etc., and can be punched. 1050 aluminum sheets are widely used and have low strength requirements. We will introduce the details next application.

Both can be bent and welded, and can be used in most cases. Please consult the sales customer service according to the application and give you a detailed answer.

1050 aluminum sheet Austria

Application of 1050 aluminum sheet Austria

There are many specific applications. Such as vehicle body, stamping parts, deep drawing, lighting lampshades, reflective elements, building exterior decoration, chemical containers, radiators, signs, electronics, lamps, signs, billboards, electrical appliances and other products.

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1050 aluminum sheet Austria automotive aluminum

The range of auto parts is relatively wide, and the weight reduction and energy saving effects of aluminum materials are obvious; the naturally formed oxide film has corrosion resistance; it also has good comfort and safety; more importantly, it can be recycled. Environmental protection effect.

Therefore, all-aluminum materials are widely used in the automotive field.

The component parts of the vehicle occupies an important position in the composition of the vehicle, and the 1050 aluminum sheet occupies a place among many automotive aluminum materials.

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1050 aluminum sheet Austria price

The more commonly used 1050 aluminum sheet Austria, the production process is not complicated, and the production technology of many manufacturers is very mature. If you do not have high requirements for other properties of the material, you can choose it. Its price is really advantageous. The price of 1050 aluminum flakes is related to the price of aluminum ingots, the specific specifications and performance requirements of 1050 aluminum flakes, and freight charges.

Aluminum ingot price-the price of aluminum ingot is constantly changing every day, and the price is quoted based on the price of aluminum ingot on that day.

The specific specification -1050 aluminum sheet is only an alloy grade, but its length, width and thickness are different, and there are many options for its state, all of which affect the price of 1050 aluminum sheet.

Freight costs-The distance between the regions affects the transportation costs, which is unavoidable.

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