5052h112 aluminum plate for chemical storage tank

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5052h112 aluminum plate for chemical storage tank

The chemical storage tank adopts a one-piece manufacturing process, and the inside and outside are relatively smooth, and it is not easy to cause leakage. 5052h112 aluminum plate for chemical storage tank belongs to aluminum-magnesium alloy. Its typical characteristics are high strength, especially fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance, high plasticity, and excellent weldability. The chemical storage tank made of 5052 alloy has very good safety performance and is not easy to grow. Rust corrosion, collision resistance, anti-aging, not easy to chemically react with the contents, is a relatively safe chemical container.

Chemical storage tanks can be divided into metal storage tanks, non-metal storage tanks and metal non-metal composite storage tanks according to their materials. Aluminum storage tank is a relatively common type of metal storage tank. It has the characteristics of light weight, impact resistance, corrosion resistance and long life. Therefore, it is widely used. The material is mainly 5052h112 aluminum plate for chemical storage tank.

5052h112 aluminum plate for chemical storage tank advantage

1. Excellent formability, not easy to deform in processing

2. Good weldability and low crack tendency

3. Good machining performance

5052h112 aluminum plate for chemical storage tank has excellent formability, durability and reliable quality. Aluminum plate manufacturers can customize production on demand. Here is an introduction to Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd.

5052h112 aluminum plate for chemical storage tank manufacturer

As a large aluminum plate manufacturer, Mingtai Aluminum has won wide praise from customers for its excellent product performance and strict quality control. 5052 aluminum plate is the company's superior product with many sales and wide applications. 5052-h112 aluminum plate can be used in chemical storage tanks, silos, engraved aluminum plates and other fields, and has been well received by the market.

Mingtai Aluminum's 5052 aluminum sheet has mature technology and strict production control, including composition control, plate shape control, and performance control. It ensures that the 5052 aluminum sheet has a flat shape, a clean surface, no defects, performance exceeding national standards, and stable quality. Mingtai 5052 aluminum sheet has a large production capacity and has established long-term cooperative relationships with many customers. It is a large and trusted manufacturer. Welcome to contact us to order!

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