Aluminum coil EN 5754 Russia

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Aluminum coil EN 5754 Russia in the automotive industry

Automobile lightweight is the direction of modern automobile industry technology development. This is also one of the meanings of the existence of aluminum for automobiles. The areas where aluminum will be used in the automotive industry include but are not limited to aluminum profiles for large cross-sections, plates for rail transit; rail transit passenger transportation equipment, welding of train carriages, construction of manufacturing and repairing bases, and so on. At present, although aluminum alloy cars are no longer a novelty, lighter aluminum alloy materials will inevitably become the mainstream of the market in the future. Such as aluminum coil EN 5754 Russia.

Aluminum coil EN 5754 Russia

Aluminum coil EN 5754 Russia is an ideal metal material for automobiles

In order to promote the lightweight of automobiles, there are many measures, among which the most important and common method is to use lightweight materials. Among many materials, aluminum is an ideal lightweight material. Among aluminum, the 5000 series is an ideal alloy series for the automotive industry; among the 5000 series alloys, aluminum coil EN 5754 Russia is currently the most used alloy type in the automotive field. The Mg content occupies a certain percentage of the overall quality. Its function is to reduce the hardness and strength of the product, thereby making the product easier to process. The 5-series alloy has high hardness, strong plasticity, and corrosion resistance. The products are mainly used in rail car bodies, transportation vehicles, ships, automobiles and other fields.

Aluminum coil EN 5754

Henan Mingtai aluminum coil EN 5754 Russia

Advanced equipment

Henan Mingtai is equipped with professional production equipment to ensure the most basic superior product performance and stable production.

Strong production capacity

Henan Mingtai's multiple production lines escort the large-scale production of aluminum coil EN 5754 Russia and fully meet the different needs of customers.

Sound service

The services provided by Henan Mingtai have the following characteristics: perfection and customization; service items include production, quality inspection, and distribution. Contact at any time to provide considerate service.

5754 Aluminum Coil Stock

Aluminum coil EN 5754 Russia price

Many customers ask a question: Why is aluminum coil EN 5754 Russia so different? Today, we will popularize the factors that affect the price of aluminum coil EN 5754 Russia.

There is a relationship with thickness, and different thicknesses have different prices. The lowest price is the conventional thickness, which is not only widely used, but also the lowest price. But for different projects, the required thickness is different.

The width will affect the price. The conventional width is between 1000-1250mm, the price will increase if the width is increased, and the price of aluminum plate with too small width is slightly higher. The maximum width of the aluminum plate that Mingtai can produce is 2600mm. If the width is not required, it is recommended to use a regular width to reduce the price.

The factors that can affect the price are not only the thickness and width, please consult the aluminum plate manufacturer directly for inquiries.

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