1235 grade aluminum foil Russia

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1235 grade aluminum foil Russia

1235 grade aluminum foil Russia, 1000 series aluminum foil, the aluminum content is not less than 99.35%. The thickness range of the 1235 we can produce is 0.015-0.2mm. The good characteristics of a product are usually directly related to its application. The excellent features of this product include anti-rust properties, formability and welding properties. The application areas of this product include cables, tapes, batteries, and so on.

1235 grade aluminum foil Russia for cables

Cable foil alloy: 1235-O is a typical alloy, thickness: 0.006~0.04. Generally, 1235 aluminum foil aluminum-plastic composite is used when it is used, and then processed into narrow strips. The end use of 1235 cable foil is shielding and wrapping weak wires. Most cables use copper core or aluminum core. Considering the cost, aluminum core is often used. 1235 grade aluminum foil has a small amount of oil on the surface and has high mechanical properties, so it is suitable for cable foil.

1235 grade aluminum foil Russia

1235 grade aluminum foil Russia for capacitors

Aluminum foil for capacitors: 1235-O is still a typical alloy. By lining it with oil-impregnated paper, it is finally used in electronic capacitors. An aluminum electrolytic capacitor is a capacitor with a positive electrode and a negative electrode. The basic structure of an aluminum electrolytic capacitor has several layers, one layer of anode aluminum foil, one layer of cathode aluminum foil, and a layer of liner paper impregnated with electrolyte and natural oxide film in between. These products are overlapped and wound. The aluminum foil material will use 1235 aluminum foil.

1235 grade aluminum foil

1235 grade aluminum foil Russia for battery

Battery foil. 1235-H18 is one of the alloy materials, and 1060-H18 and 1070-H18 are also suitable. The thickness ranges from 0.012 to 0.035. This type of application is usually used for lithium-ion battery current collector materials. 1235 pure aluminum foil has relatively high purity and good conductivity, so it is often used as battery foil. Battery foil is a refined product of aluminum foil. The precision requirements for various properties and quality of aluminum foil are very high. Therefore, the processing of battery foil is more difficult and the process requirements are higher, which are mainly reflected in the thickness, strength and surface quality of the aluminum foil. aspect. Mingtai Aluminum's 1235 battery foil has a thickness range of 0.014-0.2mm, strength>180Mpa, and the surface dyne value meets the requirements.

1235 aluminum foil

1235 grade aluminum foil Russia for tape

Tape foil: alloy state: 8011-O, 1235-O, typical thickness: 0.01-0.05, end use: suitable for various electronic products such as transformers, mobile phones, computers, PDAs, PDPs, LED displays, notebook computers, copiers, etc. Where electromagnetic shielding is required inside. Adhesive tapes for electronic circuit shielding layers are gradually replaced with aluminum foil base tapes. One of the tape foil base materials is 1235 grade aluminum foil Russia. It has a soft texture, good surface compliance, can adapt to various environments, high-end appearance, high cost performance, and demonstrates practical advantages.

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