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Basic introduction of AA 1100 aluminum sheets UAE

AA 1100 aluminum sheets UAE, pure aluminum series, has excellent ductility, formability, weldability and corrosion resistance. Anodizing can further improve corrosion resistance while obtaining a beautiful surface. The disadvantage is that the strength is very poor and cannot be heat treated. Electrical and thermal conductivity, plasticity are also some of its other excellent characteristics, as well as low density.

The purpose of AA 1100 aluminum sheets UAE

If your project requires good formability, high corrosion resistance and does not require high strength, you can use AA 1100 aluminum sheets UAE. For example, food and chemical processing, storage equipment, metal processing products, hollow metal products with spinning raw materials, welding bond combinations, reflectors, nameplates, etc. AA 1100 aluminum sheets UAE is generally used for tableware, radiators, bottle caps, printing plates, building materials, heat exchanger components, and can also be used as deep-drawn products. From cookware to industrial equipment, all fields.

AA 1100 aluminum sheets UAE

AA 1100 aluminum sheets other than UAE

In addition to aluminum sheet products, 1100 aluminum alloy can also produce other products, such as 1100 aluminum coil, 1100 aluminum sheet, 1100 aluminum coil, 1100 aluminum strip, 1100 aluminum rod and so on. As the price is lower than other series of aluminum alloys, 1000 series aluminum alloys have become raw materials for many projects.

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AA 1100 aluminum sheets UAE for sign

Low density-because the weight of the aluminum sheet is 2.71kg/mm per square meter, the panel can be thick to 3mm or more, which greatly increases the flatness of the font surface;

Easy to color-easy to make the paint film adhere, if processed properly, the surface durability is almost comparable to the car topcoat;

Good anti-rust effect-the aluminum sheet is not easy to oxidize, and there will be no rust stains to pollute the wall;

Easy to install-signs made of aluminum are light in weight and easy to install.

AA 1100 aluminum sheet

AA 1100 aluminum sheets UAE aluminum sheet manufacturer

To choose a more competitive manufacturer, the stronger the overall strength, the safety performance of the aluminum alloy sheet produced is also guaranteed. Therefore, you must communicate in detail, judge by the professionalism of the service personnel, and verify by the strength of the inventory. All kinds of aluminum sheet stocks require strong backing support. It is very important to choose an aluminum sheet manufacturer that is comprehensively and steadily developing. important.

Then, it depends on the product technology and safety performance of aluminum alloy plate enterprises. In the market, there will be various aluminum sheet manufacturers. When you choose, you must choose aluminum sheets with uniform gloss, reasonable tolerances, stable quality, and high surface flatness. High-quality aluminum sheet has good corrosion resistance performance parameters, wear resistance, toughness and plasticity. Choose aluminum products with good performance specifications, and the performance parameters of these products will become more and more obvious.

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