3004 aluminum plate for metal roof Europe

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3004 aluminum plate for metal roof

3004 aluminum plate for metal roof is becoming more and more common in modern engineering buildings. One is the high cost performance of 3004 roof panels, and the other is that the advantages of the material itself are gradually highlighted. Aluminum-magnesium-manganese metal roofing sheet is a kind of high-quality roofing material. It has good strength and light weight. It has excellent performance in terms of extensibility, plasticity and corrosion resistance. It is widely used in various building exterior walls and roofs. , and gradually replace color steel tiles with lightning speed.

The aluminum-magnesium-manganese metal roof panel uses 3004 aluminum plate as raw material. 3004 aluminum plate for metal roof belongs to aluminum-manganese series alloy, which has good corrosion resistance, high tensile strength, easy processing and forming, and light weight. The surface is coated with fluorocarbon paint. , richer colors and higher durability, so as to meet the requirements of various buildings. 3004 aluminum-magnesium-manganese board has played an important role in the development of modern buildings in the direction of comfort, lightness, durability, economy and environmental protection.

3004 aluminum plate for metal roof has excellent performance and is generally recognized as a roofing and exterior wall material with a service life of more than 50 years in architectural design. It is widely used in airport terminals, aircraft maintenance depots, stations and large transportation hubs, conference and exhibition centers, Sports venues, exhibition halls, large public entertainment facilities, public service buildings, large shopping malls, commercial facilities, civil residences and other buildings.

Advantages: high tensile strength, excellent corrosion resistance, easy to process and form, good impact resistance, light and durable, safe and environmentally friendly.

3004 aluminum plate for metal roof specification

Alloy Grade: 3004

Temper: Customize




Mingtai Aluminum can customize the production of 3004 aluminum plate for metal roof for customers, with large production capacity and short delivery time to meet user needs. Mingtai is a direct-selling aluminum sheet manufacturer with competitive prices. To understand the quotation details, please provide the thickness, width and total demand (tons) of the required products, so that we can provide you with an accurate quotation. Welcome to contact us!

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