3004 aluminum foil UAE

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3004 aluminum foil UAE for food container

3004 aluminum foil UAE for aluminum foil container, commonly known as tin foil container, is a new type of environmentally friendly container. It is made of special aluminum foil. It has the advantages of heat preservation and fragrance, harmless to the human body, environmental protection, and convenient packaging. It is very popular in the food delivery industry.

3004 aluminum foil UAE

Advantages of 3004 aluminum foil UAE

3004 aluminum foil UAE is the preferred raw material for manufacturing aluminum foil containers. The market adopts 3004 container foil, which has the following advantages:

1. Because aluminum is non-toxic, non-adsorbing, not easy to break, can inhibit bacterial growth and can be cleaned with steam, 3004 aluminum alloy foil is used as a food container material, which is safe and hygienic, green and environmentally friendly, renewable energy saving, good sealing, etc. Features and advantages, can lead green consumption.

2. The 3004 recycled aluminum container foil can be recycled indefinitely. The energy required for the regeneration process is only less than 5% of the energy required for the production of primary aluminum. Its application meets the national planning requirements for low-carbon environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction.

3. The downstream process has good formability, and compared with other grades of aluminum products, it has high strength and resistance to deformation.

aluminum foil container

3004 aluminum foil UAE belongs to recycled aluminum

3004 aluminum foil UAE belongs to recycled aluminum, which uses recycled aluminum, uses advanced German imported environmental protection equipment for professional treatment, and goes through more than 30 complex manufacturing processes, detailed operating process scope and quality control, and fine operation, so as to obtain Qualified container foil products. The promotion and use of 3004 container foil has a further impetus to save resources and reduce environmental pollution.

food container aluminum foil

3004 aluminum foil UAE is produced by Mingtai

3004 alloy, as the raw material of aluminum foil container, attaches great importance to food safety and strictly implements national standards. The "3004 High-Proportion Recycled Aluminum Container Aluminum Foil" independently developed by Mingtai Technology won the "Resource Efficiency Award" of the 2021 China Aluminum Foil Innovation Award. 3004 container foil has the price advantage of 8011 and the strength advantage of 3003.

The aluminum foil container produced by Mingtai Aluminum's 3004 alloy not only ensures the low price of 8011 alloy, but also ensures the high strength of 3003 alloy, and the strength is higher than that of 3003 alloy. It can be said that it has both the price advantage of 8011 and the Strength advantage of 3003.

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