Aluminium shipbuilding sheets Norway

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Aluminium shipbuilding sheets Norway

Aluminium shipbuilding sheets Norway has many kinds of alloys, the main alloys are 5083, 5086, 5052, other alloys are mostly 5000 series alloys, such as 5052, 5086, 5454, 5456 and so on. Many customers will ask about the thickness of the aluminum plate, but it needs to be determined according to the specific project. Generally, more thin plates are used, but as mentioned earlier, the depth of corrosion of the plates in the project should also be considered. The thickness range is usually 1.6mm- 30mm.

aluminium shipbuilding sheets Norway

Aluminium shipbuilding sheets Norway for ship transport

Ship transportation precautions: Generally, it is necessary to pay attention to the packaging of goods, and choose moisture-resistant and corrosion-resistant packaging. Moisture resistance is only one aspect, and another important factor to pay attention to is high temperature, because the temperature at the top of the container may reach 55-60 degrees, so be careful if you have plastic packaging! It is best to do a burn-in test first.

Advantages of shipping by ship:

Large capacity. Ocean transportation can take advantage of natural waterways extending in all directions, unlike trains and automobiles, which are restricted by tracks and roads.

Large capacity. The carrying capacity of ocean transport ships is far greater than that of railway transport vehicles and road transport vehicles. For example, the load capacity of a 10,000-ton ship is generally equivalent to the load capacity of 250 to 300 wagons.

Low freight. Large shipping volume, long voyage, and less transportation cost per freight ton.


Customer reviews of aluminium shipbuilding sheets Norway

This purchase is a very pleasant purchase, whether it is in the early consultation or in the later use, it is very worry-free. When we consulted, the customer service told us that they can customize the size, and then professional pre-sales technicians customized the 5083 ship board according to our actual needs. At present, a part of it is used, which perfectly matches our project. In addition, if you need to purchase later, you can contact them directly. I think if my next project needs aluminum plate, I will still choose here.

aluminum shipbuilding sheets

Hngymt aluminium shipbuilding sheets Norway

Hngymt is committed to providing global customers with high-quality, high-guarantee, and more affordable products and services. Hngymt promises to provide a comprehensive one-stop solution. Pre-sale: Customize on-demand according to user needs; In-sale: Provide user purchase and selection solutions to facilitate users' purchase; After-sale: Provide a complete professional service system to solve users' worries in the purchase process. Aluminum plate manufacturer, high quality

High processing technology and exquisite craftsmanship; scientific and rigorous production line, strict quality control; excellent product performance and strong reliability; more affordable, providing users with value-for-money products; meeting different production needs of users; The price is relatively economical.

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