5083 aluminum material Poland marine grade aluminum

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5083 aluminum material Poland marine grade aluminum

Why is 5083 aluminum material Poland a marine-grade aluminum? This is related to the lightweight of the ship.

First of all, we need to know the concept of lightweight. The concept of lightweight originated in motorsports. Its advantages are not difficult to understand. It reduces the weight and can better control the main body; the engine outputs the same power, but it can produce higher acceleration. Then, as "energy saving and environmental protection" has increasingly become a topic of widespread concern, lightweighting is also widely used in the field of ordinary cars, which can improve maneuverability while also achieving excellent fuel-saving performance.

5083 aluminum material Poland

Advantages of 5083 aluminum material Poland

In terms of marine grade aluminium, 5083 aluminum material Poland also continues the advantages of reducing weight and fuel consumption. First, the specific gravity of aluminum is small, and the weight of products made of aluminum is small, which can reduce the weight of ships. Second, the weight of the engine is reduced, and the speed is naturally increased. Third, the direct result of the first two points is that fuel consumption will also be reduced.

5083 aluminum material Poland specifications

Product specifications are customized on demand, but there are some common widths, such as 2 meters in width and 6 meters in length. Mingtai introduced the SMS six-high cold rolling mill, an equipment for producing ultra-wide aluminum plates. After it was put into production, the quality of ultra-wide aluminum plates was still guaranteed and demand increased. At Mingtai, the width of 5083 aluminum material Poland can reach 2600mm.

The increase in the width of the 5083 aluminum plate can be made, which can expand its application in marine-grade aluminum, and also broaden other application areas of 5083. The 5083 ultra-wide aluminum plate is used on ships, and is specifically used in several parts, such as the hull, the console and other parts. The specific application on the tanker is embodied in several parts, such as the tanker body, tanker cover, partition and other key parts.

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Characteristics of 5083 aluminum material Poland

Both are 5 series aluminum materials, 5083 aluminum material Poland, 5086 and 5052 have some common properties. It is also due to these excellent properties that it can be used as a marine grade aluminum material.

1. Because 5083 aluminum material has good corrosion resistance, it can extend the service life (usually more than 20 years), thereby reducing maintenance costs.

2. Good processing and forming properties, suitable for the streamlined shape of the hull; it can be extruded from large wide-walled profiles and welded seams, making the hull structure reasonable and light in weight.

3. Good welding performance, can be welded easily.

4. The modulus of elasticity is small, the ability to absorb impact is great, and the safety is great.

5. No low temperature brittleness, most suitable for low temperature equipment.

6. As 5083 aluminum material is non-magnetic, the compass is not affected; all aluminum boats can avoid lightning strikes and are suitable for use as minesweepers.

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