5754 H114 aluminium chequer plate Ireland

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5754 H114 aluminium chequer plate Ireland

Among many aluminum alloys, 5052, 5754 H114 aluminium chequer plate Ireland is a more suitable choice. All belong to the AL-Mg series alloy. Magnesium is the main alloying element, and its main characteristics are good corrosion resistance, high strength, low density, good heat dissipation, and good electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic shielding. Usually used in shipbuilding, bodywork, rivets, fishery equipment, food processing, welding chemical structures.

5754 H114 aluminium chequer plate Ireland

5754 H114 aluminium chequer plate Ireland

5754 aluminum plate has many tempers. There are common 5754 aluminium chequer plate tempered H114 and H111. Other tempers are as follows:


H111-work hardening process is more suitable for applications that require forming. But it is lower than the H11 tempering requirement.

H22-rolling hardening process, annealing to quarter hard

H24-rolling hardening process, annealing to semi-hard

H26-rolling hardening process, annealing to three-quarters hard.

5754 aluminium chequer plate Ireland

Use of 5754 H114 aluminium chequer plate Ireland

Aluminum-magnesium alloy has won the favor of the automobile manufacturing industry due to its light weight, good processing performance, and relatively low cost. It can be processed into complex shapes, including engine parts, gearbox housings, and structural parts. 5754 aluminum plate is a type of aluminum-magnesium alloy, which is often used in automobile fuel tanks and doors.

The main purpose of the board is anti-skid and decoration. It is often used in the fields of carriage anti-skid, platform anti-skid, elevator anti-skid, stair anti-skid, lifting platform anti-skid, workshop floor anti-skid, cold storage floor anti-skid, ship anti-skid and other fields.

The commonly used tanker aluminum plates in the market are generally within 12.5 meters in length, less than 2.2 meters in width, and common thickness is 5/6/7/8mm. The tank body usually uses 5083 aluminum plate, and the partition can use 5754 aluminum plate.

aluminium chequer plate Ireland

Features of 5754 H114 aluminium chequer plate Ireland

5754 H114 aluminium chequer plate Ireland has excellent corrosion resistance, especially in the case of industrial pollution. It exhibits higher strength, so it is used in many applications. There are many forms of 5754 H114 plate, aluminum chequer plate Ireland is one of them. In addition, let me introduce its weldability, which is excellent in welding such as arc welding and gas welding. It can be anodized, and it is suitable for decorative anodization. The disadvantage is that it cannot be heat treated and cannot be used for casting.

Price for 5754 H114 aluminium chequer plate Ireland

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