European 3004 aluminum foil for phenolic composite air duct_8011 for packaging

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European 3004 aluminum foil for phenolic composite air duct

Phenolic composite air duct is a kind of air duct, which is mostly used for air supply and bulk material transportation. It is composed of multiple layers of materials, the upper and lower surfaces are embossed aluminum foil, and the middle layer is high-performance phenolic foam. This structure does not require welding, air leakage, and water leakage, and is widely used.

The aluminum foil used on the upper and lower surfaces of the phenolic composite air duct is usually 3004 aluminum foil, 8011 aluminum foil, with a thickness of 0.018-0.2mm, and the state is mainly H22/H18. The aluminum foil needs to be embossed or coated first, and then combined with phenolic board or polyurethane Board composite, generally double-sided composite, the finished product specifications are 20mm thick, 1200mm wide, and 4000mm long. (Note: Mingtai Aluminum provides single-sided/double-sided light 3004 aluminum foil and 8011 aluminum foil, without embossing or compounding.)

Specification parameters of European 3004 aluminum foil for phenolic composite air duct

Alloy: 3004/8011

Status: H22/H18

thickness: 0.018-0.2mm

Width: 1215mm (The width of some exported products will vary but generally does not exceed 1280mm)

European 8011 aluminum foil for packaging

8011 aluminum foil is one of the commonly used packaging materials. Its soft texture, good ductility, easy processing, light weight and beautiful appearance, easy to recycle, are widely used in the packaging of food, medicine, cosmetics and other products.

8011 aluminum foil is used as a packaging material. It is often made into composite materials with films, high molecular polymers or other metal sheets. This not only improves the barrier properties of aluminum foil packaging, but also improves the mechanical strength and mechanical properties of aluminum foil.

8011 aluminum foil uses: medicine packaging, food packaging, milk powder lids, medicine lids, beverage lids, yogurt lids, lunch box materials, aluminum foil tape, aluminum foil for cable bands, aluminum foil for filters.

8011 aluminum foil is the superior product of Mingtai Aluminum. The company can produce the thickness range of 0.006-0.2mm, width 100-1600mm according to user needs, single-sided and double-sided, with excellent moisture resistance, shading and high barrier capacity , Hygiene, aluminum foil after compounding, printing and gluing is widely used as packaging material.

European 3004/8011 aluminum foil manufacturer - Mingtai Aluminum

Mingtai Aluminum is a large-scale aluminum foil manufacturer, a listed company, self-produced and sold, without intermediate price increase, 3004/8011 aluminum foil is cost-effective and highly praised. If you have any needs, please contact us by email!
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