Aluminum 1050 H24 Poland with low price

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H24 in aluminum 1050 H24 Poland

In aluminum 1050 H24 Poland, the letter H after the 1050 number is a common tempering of the finished aluminum sheet. This is a process that increases strength through work hardening. H is a common tempering of finished aluminum sheet. Among the five basic temperings of aluminum sheet (F, O, H, W, T), H is the most frequently encountered, because it is found in many alloys. This tempering. The subdivision state of this tempering is also the most. If other conditions are the same, such as specifications, grades, etc., but if the subdivision status is different, the performance will vary greatly. After H, add 2-3 digits to indicate the subdivision state of H, and 24 indicates that the aluminum sheet has undergone work hardening and is incompletely annealed to obtain medium strength.

Aluminum 1050 H24 Poland

Density of Aluminum 1050 H24 Poland

When calculating the weight, if the specific density of the alloy is not known, the density is usually calculated as 2.7g/cm³.

The density of Aluminum 1050 H24 Poland is: 2.7g/cm³. Aluminum sheets can be classified according to the alloy composition, usually divided into the following types: high-purity aluminum (high-purity aluminum with a content of 99.9 or more), pure aluminum (basically pure aluminum), alloy aluminum (combination of pure aluminum and other auxiliary alloys, These combinations include aluminum-copper, aluminum-manganese, aluminum-silicon, aluminum-magnesium, etc.), composite aluminum or brazed aluminum and more.

1050 aluminum sheet Poland

How to strengthen aluminum 1050 H24 Poland?

Can not be strengthened by heat treatment, so how to improve the strength? Usually cold deformation is used. The only form of heat treatment that exists is annealing, and the starting temperature of recrystallization is related to the impurity content and the degree of deformation. To increase the strength, the content of iron and silicon impurities can be increased, but it will have an adverse effect on plasticity, conductivity and corrosion resistance. By adjusting the annealing temperature after cold deformation or controlling the amount of cold deformation after annealing, the mechanical properties of different cold hardening states can be obtained.

aluminum sheet Poland

Aluminum 1050 H24 Poland VS 1060 aluminum

Speaking of 1 series aluminum, many users are familiar with 1050 aluminum and 1060 aluminum, but they dont know much about the difference between the two. Lets talk about the difference between aluminum 1050 H24 Poland and 1060 aluminum. What are there.

In fact, these two specifications of aluminum are the same series of aluminum, but the aluminum content is different. The aluminum content of 1050 aluminum is 99.50%, and the aluminum content of 1060 aluminum is 99.60%. This difference is shown by the different alloy grades. Relatively speaking, the higher the aluminum content, the softer the material, but in this respect, the two are not much different. Neither can be strengthened by heat treatment. 1060 aluminum is suitable for stretching and other products. Both are widely used in products that do not require high strength.

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