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3003 aluminum plate application in Europe

Although buttons are inconspicuous, they play a big role in clothing. In Europe, buttons have become more and more diversified after years of development. The materials are roughly divided into plastic, metal, and natural. Among them, aluminum alloy buttons generally use 3003 aluminum plate.

Traffic signs are made of plates with reflective film. Commonly used materials are aluminum plate, stainless steel, galvanized plate, etc. Relatively speaking, galvanized sheet has poor rust resistance, high cost of stainless steel, and aluminum alloy sheet meets the consideration of durability and economy. Therefore, the general traffic sign board is mainly made of aluminum sheet, the commonly used brand is 3003 aluminum sheet, and the thickness is 1.0/1.2 /1.5/2.0/2.5/3.0mm range.

The transformer shell refers to the outer protective shell. Since the transformer is generally used at a very high voltage, it is very dangerous within a few meters of the surrounding area. In order to ensure the safety of the transformer and the people passing by, it needs to be designed for safety. Protective shell. There are two main materials for the outer shell of the transformer, one is aluminum alloy and the other is stainless steel. Among them, 3003 aluminum plate is mostly used for aluminum alloy.

European 3003 aluminum sheet performance: 3003 aluminum sheet is an AL-Mn series alloy, which is a widely used anti-rust aluminum. The strength of this alloy is not high (slightly higher than industrial pure aluminum) and cannot be strengthened by heat treatment, so cold working methods are used to improve Its mechanical properties: high plasticity in the annealed state, good plasticity during semi-cold work hardening, low plasticity during cold work hardening, good corrosion resistance, good weldability, and poor machinability.

European 3003 aluminum plate price: The price of 3003 aluminum plate consists of two parts. The average closing price of A00 aluminum ingots on the Yangtze River on the day of shipment + processing fees is related to the aluminum plate model, specification and status. For specific prices, users are advised to consult online directly on the right.

Mingtai can accept customized production of 3003 aluminum plates with a wide range of sizes:

Thickness (mm) 0.1-500

Width (mm) 20-2650

Length (mm) 500-16000

3003 aluminum plate manufacturers recommend Mingtai Aluminum

As a direct-selling aluminum plate manufacturer, Mingtai Aluminum has many years of processing experience. The 3003 aluminum plate raw materials are selected with high standards and strict quality inspections to ensure product quality. Since it is a direct selling manufacturer, there is no middleman to increase the price, so our price is relatively low. Our company's products cover 1-8 series aluminum sheet, strip and foil. If you want to know the detailed product price, you can click the online consultation on the right.

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