8006 aluminum foil Bulgaria

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8006 aluminum foil Bulgaria

8006 aluminum foil Bulgaria, a special container foil product. Mingtai Aluminum, 8006 aluminum foil Bulgaria, the rolling method is hot rolling, tensile strength: 123-135. 8006 aluminum foil Bulgaria is grade A, the plate shape is good and flat, and the surface is oil-free and pollution-free. Mingtai Aluminum 8006 aluminum foil is suitable for non-wrinkle food containers. The difference from ordinary food containers is that there are no wrinkles on the edges after stamping and the appearance is smooth and smooth.

8006 aluminum foil Bulgaria and the difference between other aluminum foil

The rolling method is different. Using hot rolling: 8006 container aluminum foil, high strength; using cast rolling: 3003 aluminum foil, 8011 aluminum foil, low strength.

The performance parameters are different. Elongation and cupping value: 8006 aluminum foil is greater than 8011, 3003 container aluminum foil. Tensile strength: 8006 container foil is greater than 8011 aluminum foil, 10 MPa higher than 3003 aluminum foil.

8006 aluminum foil Bulgaria

Advantages of 8006 aluminum foil Bulgaria

8006 aluminum foil Bulgaria has good formability. It is easy to be deformed and wrinkled, and it is easy to use and has strong fresh-keeping ability. It can avoid spilling or contamination during food storage and transportation, and significantly reduce food waste.

Strong barrier. Although aluminum foil is very thin, it has strong barrier properties, can block gases and other substances, has good shading properties, improves freshness and protects moisture, and prevents leakage or mixing of flavors, avoiding product deterioration, and prolonging the shelf life.

Good heat resistance. Aluminum foil with high conductivity can greatly reduce the time and energy related to food processing, refrigeration and secondary heating. High-temperature sterilization and heat sealing are suitable for aluminum foil containers.

food grade aluminum foil

8006 aluminum foil Bulgaria is a kind of container foil

Aluminum foil is a rolled aluminum product, the thickness is less than 0.20mm, and the cross section is rectangular and uniform. As the name implies, container foil refers to aluminum foil used to make food containers. The quality requirements of container foil: specification, width, length, thickness deviation should be within the specified range. Tensile strength, elongation at break, these are physical and mechanical properties. If this item is unqualified, the finished product is prone to cracking and damage during use.

aluminum foil for food container

Where can I buy 8006 aluminum foil Bulgaria

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