Aluminum coils in 5754 H22 Poland

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Aluminum coils in 5754 H22 Poland

Aluminum coils in 5754 H22 Poland belong to almg3, which is a product with high magnesium alloy content. The rust and corrosion resistance performance is also relatively good, medium hardness, the hardness is higher than 5052 aluminum; at the same time, it has good sheet metal bending performance and excellent processing performance; it is suitable for high fatigue strength and high weldability. In terms of composition, 5754 aluminum coil contains elements such as magnesium, zinc, manganese, chromium, iron, and silicon. Tensile strength: 165-265mpa, in line with the unified standard for aluminum alloy strip materials. Because 5754 aluminum is mostly used for stamping and surface oxidation treatment in the later stage, it is suitable for shipbuilding and marine equipment industries that have certain requirements for hardness, as well as the transportation industry.

Aluminum coils in 5754 H22 Poland

Aluminum coils in 5754 H22 Poland aluminum tread plate

The aluminum coil Kaiping can be made into aluminum plate. The product form of 5754 aluminum is not only aluminum coil, but also aluminum tread plate. Our company is one of the companies that produce aluminum tread coils in 5754 H22 Poland. The main patterns currently available include orange peel patterns (commonly used in refrigerators, refrigeration, and heat preservation industries, with good heat preservation effects), diamond (for occasions with decorative effects) , 5 bar (for all kinds of places where anti-skid is required) and other pattern series.

The origin of the raw materials of our company's aluminum products is China Aluminum, which has the advantages of good quality and uniform thickness. The embossing equipment process is coiling-pressing the required pattern pattern by the embossing equipment-rewinding-packaging.

Aluminum coils in 5754 H22

Aluminum coils in 5754 H22 Poland and 5083 aluminum coil

What is the difference between aluminum coils in 5754 H22 Poland and 5083 aluminum coil? Both 5754 and 5083 aluminum coils belong to aluminum-magnesium alloys. The main difference between the two is the content of magnesium alloy, hardness and elongation. The magnesium alloy content of 5754 is around 3%, and the magnesium alloy content of 5083 aluminum is as high as around 4.5%. At the same time, the hardness of 5083 aluminum is higher than that of 5754 aluminum. Of course, the price of 5083 aluminum is relatively high. Generally, the higher the magnesium alloy content, the higher the hardness, so customers can choose 5754 or 5083 aluminum coil according to actual needs.

5754 H22 aluminum coil

Aluminum coils in 5754 H22 Poland manufacturer

The high-quality aluminum coils in 5754 H22 Poland have a smooth surface, no common surface defects, and a certain decorative effect. Regarding the quality of aluminum coils, you don't have to worry about it. Whether it is product equipment or production process, it is already at a mature stage and can guarantee quality. It is one of the representative brands of domestic high-quality aluminum products. Over the years, our products have been recognized by customers in more than 60 countries and regions, with stable quality, reliable performance and long service life. If you need 5754 aluminum coils, please choose Mingtai Aluminum.

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