5083 aluminum sheets Russia marine plate

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5083 aluminum sheets Russia

5083 aluminum sheets Russia aluminum sheets mainly contain Al, Mg, Si, etc., adjust the proportion of various alloys, you will get different 5083 aluminum. Mingtai Aluminum produces a variety of tempered 5083 aluminum sheets Russia for customers to choose from.

Features of 5083 aluminum sheets Russia

The main alloying element of 5083 aluminum sheets Russia is magnesium. It will not be strengthened by heat treatment, but will become stronger due to strain hardening or cold machining of the material;

In fact, although heat treatment affects the strength, but the degree is not deep, so 5083 has very good weldability. At the same time, most of the mechanical strength is also retained;

5083 has good seawater weldability and corrosion resistance, so 5083 is very popular in ship gangways and ship/yacht hulls. Aluminum 5083 and aluminum 5086 seem to be similar but not similar, and have comparable characteristics, but the strength is slightly lower.

5083 aluminum sheets Russia

Specific application of 5083 aluminum sheets Russia

In shipbuilding, 5083 aluminum sheets are often used in some parts, such as the hull, operating table, deck and other parts. The hull is almost always in contact with seawater, which requires its manufacturing materials to be able to resist the corrosion of seawater and be durable. And this part of the products most commonly used is H116 and H321 tempering. If there are strict requirements for corrosion resistance, you can choose these two tempered marine aluminum sheets, which perform very well in the underwater environment of the ocean.

Their corrosion resistance is significantly better than other tempers. During the production process, the temperature of the H116 and H321 marine aluminum sheets is slightly different.

5083 h321 aluminum plate Russia

5083 aluminum sheets Russia VS 5086 aluminum sheet

5083 aluminum sheet is considered to be a high-quality alloy used in the marine environment. The properties of 5086 are similar to it. These two alloys are very similar and it can be said that the two are interchangeable. In fact, the strength of 5083 after cold working will increase. The biggest advantage of 5083 is corrosion resistance, especially in salt water. It is especially commonly used on the bottom and side panels of the hull.

5083 h116 aluminum plate Russia

5083 aluminum sheets Russia VS 5052 aluminum sheet

Stretchability: 5052 is greater than 5083 aluminum sheet. Therefore, in this case, the yield of 5052 grade aluminum is also greater than 5083. In certain situations, 5052 may be a more suitable aluminum alloy because it has a much smaller tendency to crack. Similarly, 5052 is about 15-20% cheaper than 5083.

Is 5083 aluminum sheets Russia the right alloy?

The alloy you use depends entirely on your end use. When comparing two grades, it is similar to comparing glass with plastic. Just as one has certain characteristics that make it ideal for certain applications, another has other characteristics that make it ideal for other applications.

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